Buchempfehlungen zum Thema LSD und Psilocybin

The Pharmacology of LSD: A Critical Review

LSD has a controversial and extraordinary reputation, due to the special effects it can induce on human consciousness. Its experimental use lead to some groundbreaking discoveries about the brain and the deeper layers of the human psyche. After its application in neuroscience, and as a tool within psychotherapy, it was increasingly used by laymen for producing euphoria and religious experiences. Today, there is a resurgence of interest in LSD, including its possible uses in psychotherapy and for the treatment of some headache disorders.

This book represents the first ever comprehensive review of the psychological and pharmacological effects of LSD. It draws on data from more than 3000 experimental and clinical studies, with many more referenced. The Pharmacology of LSD provides a unique and valuable resource for anyone interested in better understanding this controversial hallucinogenic drug - including brain scientists, psychopharmacologists, addiction researchers, and psychiatrists.

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The Science of Microdosing Psychedelics

It has been claimed that microdosing psychedelic substances such as LSD has the ability to enhance creativity, elevate mood and even combat depression. In this new book, Torsten Passie MD, author of The Pharmacology of LSD (2010), delves into the first-wave scientific literature on microdosing. He reveals a rich and largely ignored history of research with microdose, minidose and low-dose LSD, and other psychedelics, and original translations from German to English.

At a time when microdosing is being lauded across the media as a potential panacea, this carefully researched and scientifically presented work provides an objective and clear perspective, covering key areas such as tolerance, toxicity, and placebo. A book no discerning researcher, practitioner or psychedelic aficionado should be without, The Science of Microdosing Psychedelics is an invaluable enchiridion of information and insight.

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Flashback-Phänomene als Nachwirkung von Halluzinogeneinnahme

Halluzinogene Substanzen wie Meskalin, LSD und Psilocybin werden seit Jahrtausenden zur Tranceerzeugung verwendet. Flashback-Phänomene können als Nachwirkung von Halluzinogeneinnahme auftreten. Sie sind dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass ohne erneute Substanzeinnahme kurzzeitige Wahrnehmungsveränderungen auftreten, wie sie ursprünglich unter Halluzinogenwirkung erlebt wurden.